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Alison has been immersed in the circus world her whole life. In the earlier years, she hated stretching and primarily flew around performing as an aerialist. She accepted the challenge of contortion 12 years ago, after being told she "wasn't very flexible". The flexibility is a result stubbornness, determination, puzzling out body mechanics and countless hours of noodling around on the ground.

Alison has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Morocco and currently resides in Portland.  She earned her B.A. from Occidental studying Psychology and Kinesiology. This education as well as a lifetime of training have helped her coaching practice. Inquire about private lessons!

Alison has appeared on television shows Baskets, Jump Shipp, and the NBC Upfronts. She is featured in the viral video “Actual Cannibal” by Rob Cantor. She has performed at many events and shows including "FrightNight", "Cirque-A-Palooza" at the Pasadena Playhouse, “the Vespertine Winter Ball”, "Vampire Masquerade Ball", “Scot Nery’s Booby Trap”, “MOMentum” at the Theatricum Botanicum, “Cirque Montage” (in Dubai for the World Shopping Festival), "Prismagic" at the Portland Rose Festival and “Do Jump! Celebrate the Season” (to name just a few). She also spooked at guests at the White House for Halloween in 2016 (note the year). She has performed with entertainment companies Way 2 Much, Eye of Newt Cirque, and Wonderworld Entertainment. Flamebouyant Productions, Sir Cupcakes Queer Circus, Do Jump, and Lady Raven Productions, Nightflight, Circus Project, Kinetic Theory, City Circus, Cirque USA, Prismagic, Circus Luminescence and she freelances.  

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